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For Industrial/Commercial Heaters UK (click here for industrial heaters)

Industrial space heaterBroughton Fire Flo 3 Industrial Fan Heater

Lightweight, compact, industrial 3 kilowatt fan heater. Ideal for workshops and factory areas.

Broughton Fire Flo 9 Industrial Fan Heater

Nominal 9 kilowatt, 415 volt, 3 phase, industrial fan heater (32 amp single phase version also available). Ideal for large workshops and factory areas.

Broughton Fire Flo 18 Industrial Fan Heater

Nominal 18 kilowatt, 415 volt, 3 phase, industrial fan heater with switch to 9 kilowatt and fan only setting for cooling. Safe 'no fume' heating of very large workshops and factory areas.

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The above is just a selection from the full industrial heating catalogue... Browse the full range of heaters for industrial heating.

For economical background heat...

Panel Heaters are best for economical background heat, Oil Filled heaters are safe, economical and effective for leaving switched on for long periods, especially overnight.

For fast instant heat...

Micromark halogen heaterFan Heaters are ideal for fast, instant heat and Convector Heaters circulate warm air rapidly and silently.

For protection from that unexpected overnight frost...

Frost Watcher heaters maintain minimum, just-above freezing temperatures in attics, holiday homes, boats, kiosks and outhouses, preventing burst pipes and damage from mildew etc.

For keeping your shop warm...

Over-door heaters are ideal for maintaining warmth in shops and retail premises where outside door is constantly opening and closing.

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Domestic & Commercial Heaters UK - more heaters

Honeywell FSW505E Frost Watcher

for automatic frost damage protection

Electric oil heaterSmall wall mounted convector heater, ideal for use in lofts, toilets, garages, airing cupboards, greenhouses, outhouses, caravans, boats, conservatories, kiosks and checkouts etc. Also ideal for animal accommodation, electrical and electronic installations.

Honeywell HZ821E Convector/Panel Heater

for silent warm circulating heat

Stylish, slimline convector/panel heater for whole room heating of areas up to 16 square metres or 40 cubic metres. Can be used either floor standing or wall mounted (brackets included).

Honeywell HZ823FE Convector/Panel Heater with Turbo Fan

for silent warm circulating heat

Same stylish, slimline convector/panel heater as HZ821E above but with added Turbo Fan feature for boosted heat circulation.

Honeywell QH803E Quartz Heater

for instant heating

Ideal for heating bathrooms, hobby rooms and children's play rooms where instant heat is required.

Honeywell FH973E Fan Heater

for extra fast blown heat

Compact modern design suitable for rooms up to 20 square metres or 30 cubic metres. 3 settings - cool air, 1000 watt and 2000 watt.

Micromark MM30124 Halogen Heater

for radiant heat

A stylish 1-kilowatt, 3-tube, halogen heater with 3 heat settings, self oscillating mechanism.

Honeywell HZ340E Ceramic Heater

for ultra-safe economical heat

A stylish 1.5-kilowatt ceramic heater. Ultra-safe ceramic fin technology for rapid energy efficient heating. Choice of two heat settings, 1000 watt and 1500 watt.

Hylite Range of Tubular Heaters

for background heat

This range of 5 tubular heaters from 45 watt to 270 watt are ideal for heating portable buildings, garages, dog kennels and catteries, aviaries, reptil cages and for keeping condensation at bay in conservatories and below retail shop windows.

Honeywell HZ330715E Oil Filled Radiator

for economic continuous background heat

The smallest in the Honeywell range of elegant oil filled heaters, this 1.5 kilowatt version has 3 heat settings, 600 watt, 900 watt and 1500 watt.

Amcor AC706AM Room Heater/Humidifier/Air Cooler

This 2000 watt heater is also a humidifier and an evaporative air cooler making it very useful all the year round, keeping the atmosphere warm, clean and not too dry in winter and cool in summer.

Just a selection from the full domestic & commercial heating catalogue... Browse the full range of heaters for domestic and commercial heating.

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