Battery Operated Roller Brush Scrubber Driers

Karcher BR35/12C Battery Powered Roller Brush Floor Cleaner

Karcher BR35/12C Battery Powered Roller Brush Floor Cleaner

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3,288.00 Including vat at 20%

(Optional) RGKFloortabs150 - Tub of 150 Hard Floor Cleaning Tabs @ 49 + vat

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Product Details

Manoeuvrable, user-friendly and easy-to-maintain, the BR 35/12 C scrubber drier is a highly professional and efficient tool for cleaning small areas and cluttered surfaces.

The machine is fitted with a rotatable roller brush head with KART technology (Kärcher Advanced Response Technology), making it perfect for tight corners.

Can also clean in reverse if necessary (due to lack of space etc). The new lithium-ion battery has a prolonged running time, making it 3 times more durable than normal lead batteries.

It is completely maintenance-free and quick to recharge. The machine's lightweight design helps you to negotiate steps and facilitates transportation.

The eco!efficiency mode reduces energy consumption, increases the running time and lowers the volume by around 40%.

Motor Power: 500 watts

Battery Capacity: 21 Ah

Battery Voltage: 25.2 Volts

Vacuum Working Width: 450mm

Brush Working Width: 350mm

Dirt Capacity: 12 litres

Brush Speed: 700-1500rpm

Performance: 1400 square metres per hour

Power: 240V 50Hz

Weight: 35kg

Dimensions: H1300 x W450 x L1000mm

Manufacturer's warranty: 12 months

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