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Karcher BD 17/5 C Stair Cleaner

Karcher BD 17/5 C Stair Cleaner

Ref: BD17/5C----

A high performance mini-scrubber/polisher for stairs, stair risers, window sills and small areas such as toilets and shower cubicles etc.

RGK Price:
958.80 Including vat at 20%

(Optional) RGKFloortabs Hard Floor Cleaner @ 15 + vat /Pack 50 Tablets (Each Tablet Makes 8 Litres Cleaning Solution)
(Optional) Large Tub of 150 RGKFloortabs Hard Floor Cleaning Tabs @ 39 + vat
(Optional) 69941130 Grey Silicone Carbide Brush For Floor Stripping @ 112.44 + vat
(Optional) 69941140 Natural Polishing Brush @ 64.28 + vat
(Optional) 69941150 Blue Carpet Cleaning Brush @ 64.28 + vat
(Optional) 69941190 Pad Drive Board @ 64.28 + vat (Takes 6" Pads - See section on Floor Pads)
(Optional) 69941250 Crystalization Pad @ 65.77 + vat
(Optional) 69941270 White Angle Brush @ 220.29 + vat
(Optional) 69941280 Grey Silicone Carbide Angle Brush @ 292.01 + vat
(Optional) 69941290 Splash Guard @ 37.48 + vat
(Optional) 69941300 Solution Tank (Attachable) @ 101.91 + vat
(Optional) 69941310 Solution Tank With Handle @ 268.90 + vat
(Optional) 69941260 Polishing Wool Pad @ 8.87 + vat

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Product Details

An innovative and convenient hand held machine that is capable of cleaning both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

For example when cleaning stairs, the treads and risers can both be easily cleaned and the two ergonomic handles provide maximum control and stability whilst in use.

Whether deep cleaning, crystallising or polishing hard surfaces or shampooing carpets, most applications are possible with the right accessories.

Perfect for use by contract cleaners and all companies that want to clean small surface areas quickly and simply, such as stairs and window sills.

Suitable for use on a wide range of different surfaces and cleaning tasks. The brush and drive board can be easily changed - no special tools required.

All controls are located within easy reach on the side of the unit. A controller enables the brush speed to be adjusted to suit the cleaning job in hand.

Optional add-on 5 litre water tank ensures convenient water metering for wet cleaning applications.

Optional accessories include solution tank, tynex scrubbing brushes, angle brush, splash guard, drive board and a full range of pads, including crystalisation pad and polishing wool.

Motor Power: 120 watt

Dirt Capacity: 3.5 litres

Cleaning Width: 170mm to 200mm

Brush Motor: 470 rpm

Power: 230V AC 50/60Hz

Weight: 5kg

Dimensions: H170 x W330 x D360mm

Manufacturer's warranty: 12 months

Free 2-3 Day Delivery (UK Mainland).

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