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Karcher BR 47/35 Escalator Cleaner

Karcher BR 47/35 Escalator Cleaner

Ref: BR47/35ESC

This compact, 240 volt electric, easy to use escalator and travellator cleaner, washes and dries simultaneously.

Most escalator cleaners on the market today only sweep.

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15,156.00 Including vat at 20%

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The BR 47/35 Esc makes it possible to wet-clean an escalator while it is moving.

Deep cleaning and maintenance cleaning operations can be performed six to seven times faster than with other systems available in the marketplace. Furthermore, the machine is also suitable for travellators.

This remarkable, robust machine features a tubular steel chassis and stainless steel tank and functions like a scrubber drier.

Operating the BR 47/35 Esc requires very little training, making it especially well suited for contract cleaners and with its compact dimensions, the BR 47/35 is easy to transport to and from sites.

For both deep cleaning and maintenance cleaning operations - the new Karcher BR 47/35 gives you fast and thorough cleaning results on escalators and travellators made by all well known manufacturers.

With the aid of pictograms on the machine, the operator is able to quickly find the correct combs and accessories for individual escalators and travellators.

Karcher have formulated special detergents for use with the BR 47/35. These extensively trialled cleaning process.

The machines 35 litretank is filled with an alkaline cleaning agent and an acid cleaner is added which is sprayed on during cleaning.

The acid cleaner is neutralized during the cleaning process.

Accessories available for the BR 47/35 include a set of pick up brushes, a set of standard cleaning brushes, hand pads for manually cleaning the risers, groove comb and a set of tread combs that are available to fit all current manufactured escalators.

Motor Power: 1500 watt

Dirt Capacity: 35 litres

Cleaning Width: 470mm

Brush Motor: 290 rpm

Power: 230V AC 50Hz

Weight: 90kg

Dimensions: H1100 x W670 x D1200mm

Manufacturer's warranty: 12 months

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