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GM60C Golden Magnet 60cm Sweeper Mop

GM60C Golden Magnet 60cm Sweeper Mop

Ref: GM60C

RGK Price:
30.00 Including vat at 20%

(Optional) GM60SH Replacement Sweeper Head (Pack of 5) @ 35 + vat

Free Delivery (UK Mainland)

Product Details

The 'original' Golden Magnet sweepers attract and hold fine dust without the complication of chemical treatment.

Synthetic acrylic sweeper heads are easily laundered and are ideal for use in hospitals, schools, supermarkets and any other premises where flying dust created by brush sweeping would be unacceptable.

Supplied complete with folding aluminium frame for easy loading and unloading of replaceable sweeper head. Replacement mop heads available.

Manufacturer's warranty: 12 months

Free 2-3 Day Delivery (UK Mainland).

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