420 Volt 3ph Cold Water High Pressure Washers

Karcher HD 13/35-4 Cage High Pressure Cold Washer

Karcher HD 13/35-4 Cage High Pressure Cold Washer

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The robust cage design protects the entire machine and makes it possible to load it safely by crane. The cart principle for simple transport and numerous other details make these machine the first choice for professional use.

Handy and convienent: The lance holder and the integrated hose hook ensures that the accessory is ready at the machine. The hour meter always shows the exact operating time of the pump.

Safe Storage: Accessories and tools are stored in a protected box. Easy to move: The pushcart principle makes it possible to eassily transport the machine even to areas that are difficult to access.

Reliable and safe: Kärchers high-performance crankshaft pump ensures optimal pressure. The optional dry-run cut-out protects the machine as well as the user.

Power Rating: 15kW

Drive: Electric E-Motor 400V/50Hz

Operating Pressure: 100 bar/10 MPa - 350 bar/35 MPa

Flow Rate: 500 - 1300 litres per hour

Maximum Water Feed Temperature: 60°C

Weight: 190kg

Dimensions: H920 x W800 x L930mm

Manufacturer's warranty: 12 months

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