Housekeeping Steam Cleaners

1,179.00 + vat 1,179.00 + vat 2,505.00 + vat
Perfect for use in the hospitality industry. schools and nurseries. Keeping customer, pupil and kitchen areas clean, sanitised and odour free.

Steam effectively cleans areas that other methods cannot, and without the use of toxic, noxious or irritating chemicals.

Matrix have extensive experience of supplying the hospitality industry. So much so that they have developed a range of steam cleaning machines specifically tailored to housekeeping and kitchen hygiene cleaning.

Matrix are a UK based manufacturer with a phenomenal production and delivery capability. Their research and development team is continually looking at ways to improve systems and applications for the hospitality market.

Matrix steam cleaners are operator friendly, quiet, compact and manoeuvrable. One of the excellent features of our machines is that they can be used daily without interrupting or delaying other cleaning processes.

The Sanitiser is especially effective at killing bacteria and spores on blinds and curtains whilst they are still in situ, thereby eliminating the need to put the curtains through the laundry system and inaccessible areas can be effectively sanitised in seconds.

Air vents and radiators can also become part of a daily clean process if desired.

Kitchen and cooking areas can be effectively sanitised after each shift.