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**Please call us on 01506 847999 or e-mail us at and we will answer the many questions you are likely to have regarding the use of foggers against Covid 19.**

For comprehensive information on foggers and fogging please click on ADVICE ON FOGGERS AND FOGGING.**

Contact us for expert advice on which fogger to choose from our range of foggers for effective fumigation, aerosol sanitising, odour control, pest control using bactercidal, virucidal and insecticidal foggable chemicals.

A fogger can disinfect any area in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually with a room the size of an average lounge taking only 30 seconds or so to treat for Covid 19 and with the right chemical solution you can access the room immediately.

They are also capable of fogging both small and large areas from vehicle interiors through to large public areas.


One thing is for sure that disinfectant fogging is here to stay and is the best way of thoroughly de-contaminating all type of premises including hotels, restaurants, pubs, holiday accommodation, caravans, hospitals, surgeries, schools, churches, offices, shops, factories etc and categories of transport including trucks, coaches, taxiis, aircraft, ships, trains, in fact anywhere that the people are brought together in a close environment.

The public will have come to demand that every care is taken to reduce their risk of ill-health in public places, whether it be from norovirus, coronovirus or any other flu-like infection.

Also ideal for the humidification and pest control of greenhouse plants.
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