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Horticultural Fogging - for germination and propagation, humidity and pest control.

Disinfectant Fogging - of livestock units and keep your premises safe for staff and customers.

For more than 50 years fogging has proved to be one of the most effective methods of ensuring any area has been fully disinfected against viruses and bacteria.

Before the Coronovirus pandemic foggers were mostly used for stopping the spread of Norovirus etc on cruise ships, oil rig accommodation blocks and medical establishments and for disinfection/pest control in livestock housing and food factories, polytunnels etc. They are also very good humidifiers for horticultural use producing an even gentle mist, good or propogation etc.

A good fogger can disinfect in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually, with a room 20' x 20' taking only 30 seconds or so to treat, leaving surfaces dry in minutes and with the right chemical solution you can usually access the room immediately. They are also capable of fogging both small and large areas from vehicle interiors through to large public areas.

One of the most important factors is the micron particle size and a fogger with a powerful motor that is capable of producing as low as 5 micron particle size will give greater coverage faster and use 5 times less chemical solution than one that produces a minimum of 25 microns, which is also is likely to over-wet surfaces. Such foggers might well be cheaper to buy but will be very costly in the long run with chemical solution costing anywhere from £30 to £100 per 5 litres.

Fogging is the only way of thoroughly de-contaminating all types of premises including hotel rooms, holiday accommodation, schools, hospitals, surgeries, cinemas, theatres, churches, leisure centres, gymnasiums, sports facilities etc and categories of transport including trucks, coaches, taxis, aircraft, ships, trains, in fact anywhere people are together in a close environment.

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Cleaning Equipment |  Fogging Machines - Foggers