Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaners

493.98 + vat 625.28 + vat 896.79 + vat
932.65 + vat 1,016.77 + vat 1,263.07 + vat
A full range of industrial dry vacs from Numatic and Nilfisk, with dirt capacities from 12 litres to 90 litres and suction from 1200 watts to 3600 watts.

Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaners.

A range of larger capacity and higher powered vacuums for all types of heavy duty commercial or industrial purposes such as vacuuming factory floors, farm buildings, equipment and around industrial processes.

Also ideal for high level cleaning using lightweight aluminium wands and other accessories to reach roof spaces, beams, ducting etc without the need for access equipment and alllowing the operator to remain safely on the ground.