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Prodifa Elite Aerosol Refills per pack of 6 x 400ml cans

Prodifa Elite Aerosol Refills per pack of 6 x 400ml cans



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Eau Essential
Insecticide Fly Killer
Note Verte
Passion Fruit
Pouvoir Frais

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Product Details

Fragrances (Fresh)

Hermano - An excellent fresh eau de cologne with Hesperides fragrances of ferns - will give a welcoming feel to your offices - a best selling fragrance - guaranteed to create a successful ambience.

Pouvoir Frais - A real invigorating breath of fresh air. The first tones of lemon and eucalyptus give way to the sweetness of white flowers married to aromatic lavender. The woody smell of pines softened by amber intensifies this refreshing fragrance.

Eau Essential - A strong mixture of Hesperides fragrances - ideal against body and sweat smells - essence of basil, bergamot and lemon to ensure unparalleled freshness.

Fragrance (Flowered)

Luxor - Floral and aldehyde scent.The aldehydes give freshness and delicacy to the fragrance like a silky and refined wave. All in harmony, they are adorned with zesty orange bursts and embrace the sweet rose, violet and jasmine petals that are tinted with clove. Peach, heliotrope and cedar finally enhance the velvety texture of the fragrance.

Note Verte - Floral, leafy perfume - fragrance of hyacinth and wooded undergrowth, intermingle to give a harmonious, delicate, refreshing perfume - designed for rest room areas.

Fragrances (Oriental Scent)

Carrisima - Sensual, floral, fruity perfume with ambergis tones - creates a rich, comfortable ambience - designed for reception areas.

Nocturne - A sensual wood with a fresh citrus head opens onto a powdery floral heart, giving way to a mysterious, amber and woody base.

Davania - A warm, fruity, subtle fragrance providing a warm welcome and a comfortable ambience.

Fragrances (Sweet)

Citron - The natural freshness of a simple perfume with a lemon fragrance.

Passion Fruit - Fruity, exotic perfume - ideal for creating an ambience appealing particularly to children - recalls flavour of sweets - ideal for nurseries, schools and playrooms.

Vanille - Exotic fragrance of wild orchids enhanced by warm vanilla undertones.

Fragrances (Treatment)

Anti Tabac - Minty, very green leaf perfume that eliminates the smell of tobacco - rooms are perfumed with a gentle fragrance, which reconciles smokers and non-smokers.

Insecticide- strong insecticide with a synergic pyrethrin base, which destroys all flying and crawling insects - leaves a pleasant note verte floral fragrance.

Packed in boxes of 6 cans. But remember you get an Elite dispenser as well when you buy 12 cans in the Elite Kit below!

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