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Broughton MCSe14.6 - 50,000 BTU Water Cooled Split Air Conditioner

Broughton MCSe14.6 - 50,000 BTU Water Cooled Split Air Conditioner

Ref: MCSe14.6

RGK Price:
7,686.00 Including vat at 20%

(Optional) 5m Umbilical @ 245.00 + vat
(Optional) 10m Umbilical @ 350.00 + vat
(Optional) 30m Umbilical @ 855.00 + vat

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Product Details

The MCe range uses R454C,a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant that’s 95% less harmful to the environment than some traditional refrigerants.

Not only that, but as it's A2L rated neither does it have the flammability issues associated with other low GWP refrigerants such as R290 (Propane) either.

This low GWP version of our industry standard MCWS250 sees it upgraded to meet modern environmental standards while still promising up to 7.3kW of cooling without the need for ducting.

The most powerful water cooled split on the market, the MCSe14.6 takes everything the MCSe7.3 has to offer then doubles it.

With a massive 14.6kW cooling duty, powerful EC fan technology and low GWP refrigerant combining to deliver cool air with maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

As with the MCSe7.3 the MCSe14.6 doesn’t require any ducting and the main unit can be sited up to 35M from the outdoor section allowing it to be sited deep within a building.

Heavy duty lockable castors on both indoor and outdoor sections allow them to be easily moved into place while the strong steel case ensure it’s up to daily site use and perfect for hire fleets

MCSe14.6 specifications:-

Water cooled split

The most efficient form of portable air conditioning

Variable fan speed

Digital thermostatic control

Low temperature operation 9°C-38°C operating range

Ideal for server rooms and data centres

Supply 32A 230v

Weight 175kg

Dimensions 1835 x 670 x 450mm

Can be positioned up to 35m away from outdoor unit

Powerful twin EC fans to deliver high volume airflow

Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years

Free 2-3 Day Delivery (UK Mainland).

50,000 BTU - 14.6 KILOWATTS

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