Static Dehumidifiers

Ebac CD35/ CD35P Dehumidifiers

Ebac CD35/ CD35P Dehumidifiers

Ref: CD35

A choice of 2 models designed for the domestic hire market,

The CD35 and CD35PP which features an integral condensate pump and a built-in hours counter.

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The CD35 is perfect for customer and hire management alike.

Offers all the features of the best selling domestic dehumidifiers in the Ebac range, encased in a purpose built, rugged steel shell.

So not only is it quiet, reliable, portable and economical, it's also built to withstand daily use and transportation from a constant stream of hire customers.

The CD35 is light and compact enough to be lifted and carried with ease. Requires no installation just position the unit where it's needed, plug in, switch on and leave it to get on with the job.

It has the power to extract up to 10 litres of water in a single day. Yet, because they use energy efficient heat pump technology, running costs are very low, costing no more than a TV.

A variable humidistat allows the customer to select the preferred level of dryness and minimize running costs.

The CD35P has the same specification as the CVD35 but is fitted with a pump out facilty rather than gravity feed and also has a built-in hours counter

Power: 0.25 kW

Voltage: 230V

Current: 2 Amp

Supply Fuse Rating: 13 Amp

Airflow: 150 cubic metres per hour

Water Extraction: 10 litres per day at 30 degrees C, 80% Relative Humidity

Operating Noise: 51 dB (A)

Weight: 26kg

Dimensions: H550 x W345 x D350mm

Manufacturer's warranty: 12 months

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