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Broughton COMCOOL Evaporative Air Cooler

Broughton COMCOOL Evaporative Air Cooler


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By mimicking the cooling effect of a summer breeze across wet skin Comcool takes an ancient Persian concept, combines it with some 21st Century engineering and offers a genuine alternative to air conditioning.

Cleaner, greener and cheaper Comcool consumes just 10-20% of the power used by traditional air conditioning and uses water as a cooling medium instead of harmful refrigerants.

Unlike other evaporative coolers on the market Comcool is purpose built for large scale applications with full portability and a rugged steel chassis wrapped in a hard wearing, stylish ABS body.

An ideal spot cooler that delivers a phenomenal 20,000m3/hr airflow Comcool doesn’t recycle air like traditional air conditioning but delivers a constant stream of clean, fresh air that can help reduce the effects of airborne pollutants and increase staff productivity.

Perfectly at home in large open spaces such as marquees, warehouses and gymnasiums or even outside while its fully portable, stylish design and size allow it to fit through doors and into more white collar or retail environments.

Note: Ice can be added to increase performance.

Airflow: 5165 cubic metres per hour

Tank Capacity: 90 litres

Running Current: 2 amp

Power: 230V/50Hz (13amp)

Weight: 100kg

Dimensions: H1660 x W640 x D500mm

Manufacturer's warranty: 12 months

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