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Numatic PM11 ProMatic Trolley Complete with Storage Hood, Doors and Trays (Assembled)

Numatic PM11 ProMatic Trolley Complete with Storage Hood, Doors and Trays (Assembled)

Ref: 911451

RGK Price:
584.92 Including vat at 20%

Choose Castors
(Optional) 909523 - SRK1S Vertical Press Kit @ 52.49 + vat
(Optional) 909524 - SRK2S Vertical Press Kit @ 55.83 + vat
(Optional) 909525 - SRK3S Wide Press Kit @ 87.49 + vat
(Optional) 910433 - SRK4 Mopmatic Kit @ 69.99 + vat
(Optional) 910435 - SRK5 Mopmatic Kit @ 106.66 + vat
(Optional) 909526 - SRK6S Mopmatic Kit @ 156.66 + vat
(Optional) 629332 - DTK1 Kentucky Mop Kit @ 33.33 + vat
(Optional) 629333 - DTK2 Pocket Mop Kit @ 29.16+ vat
(Optional) 629334 - DTK3 Hang-on Mop Kit @ 29.16 + vat
(Optional) 629335 - DTK4 Velcro Mop Kit @ 26.66 + vat
(Optional) 904332 - DTK12G Pump Action Mop Kit @ 42.50 + vat

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Product Details

The ultimate compact cleaning system, the PM11 offers a discrete foldaway waste facility, 2 convenient top storage trays and a configurable storage unit.

Built to last from tough Stainless Steel and heavy-duty Structofoam, PRO-Matic is sustainably engineered from the highest quality recycled plastic using our innovative ReFlo Technology.

Delivering total freedom of choice, PRO-Matic is fully configurable through the Nu-Design app, offering a wide-range of kits and accessories.

PRO-Matic meets the precise requirements of any user, in any environment, for any application, ensuring optimum cleaning productivity.

Limitless Configurations - Customise standard model to suit needs with optional kits.

Increases Productivity - Compact design providing a number of storage and waste facilities.

Built to Last - Lightweight yet heavy-duty with Structofoam and Stainless Steel construction.

Sustainably Engineered - Made from highest quality recycled plastic using ReFlo Technology.

Multifunctional Application - Easy to use, easy to move, easy to change and easy to store.

Castors can be selected from the options available at an additional charge. If no option is selected, trolleys will arrive without castors.

Choice of Mop Kits - Compatible with 5 additional kits, providing the right mop for the right cleaning task.

Bag Capacity: 120 litres

Optional Castors - 100mm/125mm/200mm and Braked Versions

Dimensions: H1073 x W972 x D580mm

Manufacturer's warranty: 12 months

Free 2-3 Day Delivery (UK Mainland).

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